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White Ford Bronco

  • The Ford Bronco Sport is one of the better compact crossovers for mixing urban living and outdoorsy weekend adventures, earning it a spot on our Editors' Choice list. Styled like a baby version of the full-size Ford Bronco—itself is a retro rendition of classic Broncos—the smaller Sport attracts attention. Its truck-like shape pays dividends inside where headroom and cargo space are generous. While the cabin is marred by some unattractive materials, and its back seat isn't very big, the incorporation of useful features such as hidden storage compartments and a slide-out workbench are unique touches. All-wheel drive is standard, but the potent turbo-four engine is reserved for the top-of-the-line Badlands trim—a legit off-road rival to the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. The standard three-cylinder engine is pokier but it's way more fuel-efficient, too. The big-brother Bronco has greater capabilities, but the 2022 Bronco Sport is more than just a superficial spin-off.


Keyless entry


4 doors


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